colt navy 1851 calibre 36

INFO COVID-19 : L'Armurerie Française reste ouverte pour la vente en ligne et les expéditions. The 1851 Navy was a scaled up .36 caliber version of the 1849 Pocket Model.

It was instead sold in larger quantities to the Army and became the inseparable companion of the Yankees during the Civil War.

Made in 1872. Pas de rayure : 1:21' Longueur de canon : 190 mm / 19 cm (7,25 pouces) Longueur totale : 330 mm / 33 cm. Gun is all matching. With Hartford address and factory letter.

Frame colors are visible, but faint. He named it Navy Model, meaning it to be used by the Navy thanks to its small.36 cal. YP1817 Trigger for Repro. pietta - exclu westernguns - 1851 stag western... 445 € ajouter.

Uberti 1851 Navy London Bronzé de calibre 36, réplique conforme du Colt 1851 Navy London, avec barillet à 6 coups non gravé et canon octogonal bronzé. Colt Navy 1851 calibre 36 sur le barillet est indiqué : Engaged 16 may 1843. Metal has nice sharp edges and has a light brown patina.